When planning for your session, clothing should be a priority. Clothing should be of neutral colors and have a timeless feel to them. Solid colored clothing with a nice texture always photographs beautifully. You should avoid logos as these do not photograph well and will draw attention away from the subject. Newborns and babies photograph best in their own skin. A simple diaper cover or less will result in the best portrait of your new baby. If more than one person will be included in the session, clothing tones and styles should match to be sure that attention is not drawn to the clothing instead of the subjects. The main focus of the portrait should be the person being photographed and not what they are wearing.


Maternity sessions are best held during the six or seventh month of pregnancy, though we are happy to photograph your new shape at any time.


Alicia does her best to fit newborns into her schedule as soon as possible after they are born. The sweetest and most precious newborn photos are of curling, sleeping newborns. During the first two weeks after your baby's birth, they will usually retain some of the natural curl from before they were born. Newly born babies are also usually more sleepy and pliable for the most desired poses. For these reasons, please call to book your newborn session as early as possible. It is best to secure your session prior to your baby's birth. This ensures that Alicia can fit your baby into her schedule as soon after the birth as possible.


Our senior sessions can take place in studio or on location. During your session you may choose 3 looks. Please bring multiple outfits (letter jackets, prom dresses, jeans, tshirts, etc.) so we may have many options to choose from. Alicia does not take photos for your yearbook. You will still need to go to a school sponsored studio for your yearbook photo.

Most importantly RELAX! This is will be a ton of fun! Bring your ipod and we can play your music during the session. Alicia will also provide 2-3 low res. watermarked files for your facebook or myspace page to share with your friends!

If you are interested in getting your child into modeling or acting, please note that reputable agencies should not require professional photos BEFORE the child is signed. Snapshots are perfectly fine to send to an agency. ONCE YOUR CHILD HAS BEEN SIGNED, I will gladly do a portfolio session. Please inquire for portfolio or headshot rates.